The number of preinstalled desks can vary from container to container. Additional desks can be installed at the customer’s request.

Plan tables are ideal for anyone who will be reviewing prints on their jobsite in their office trailer/container. This simple addition to your work space can make a big difference!

Security screens are recommended for anyone who is not confident in the security of the location in which they will be storing their unit. This one time installation fee will offer you priceless peace of mind during your rental period.

Stairs are necessary for each door on an office trailer as they do not sit flat on the ground. Office containers do not require stairs.

Skirting an office trailer offers a finished and complete look to your unit. If you will have the unit for an extended period of time skirting will give your trailer the look of a permanent building. Skirting is also recommended for office trailers in the winter as it will stop the rush of cold air under the unit from making the floor cold.

Hurricane tie downs will securely root your mobile office. These are recommended for sites near the coast or anywhere that high wind speeds can be expected.