Containers Used By Everyone For Storage!

Some call them pods, intermodal, freight containers, storage containers, connex, iso, drago, steel, sea cans, or bunker boxes. We call them CUBES.

We exclusively offer CUBES for any space you may have, including those spaces that are hard to get to and your difficult larger storage needs. Use one for a little storage, or more in places that a large container just can’t fit. CUBES are flexible and stackable. CUBES come in sizes from 8×4′ to 8.5’x53′ and everything in between. We can also customize CUBES for your specific space and needs.

Originally built to the strictest of shipping standards, these large, extremely strong, wind and watertight containers are theft-proof and virtually indestructible. Unlike conventional storage buildings, they have the advantage of mobility.

Ground level containers have numerous uses, a few of which are listed below:

Construction Companies

On-site storage of tools and building materials or as a machine shop or office.

Environmental Control

Storage (for disposal) of low level nuclear material, asbestos, and other hazardous materials.


Approved for Class B explosive storage.

Lumber Yards & Hardware Stores

Storage of lumber, doors, plywood, concrete, and inventory.


Dry storage of raw materials, cartons, components, and for shipping.

Schools & Municipalities

Dry storage of sports equipment, books, tools, and garden equipment.

Marinas & Boatyards

Storage of seasonal equipment, motors, small boats, and fuel.

Units are available for immediate delivery.

High Security Locks

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